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Blissfully Yours (DVD Review)

29 Apr, 2007 By: Holly J. Wagner

Blissfully Yours

Street 5/8/07
$24.99 DVD
In Thai with English subtitles.

Here is a Thai film with beautiful scenery and sparse dialogue that celebrates the pleasures of the moment.

Blissfully Yours opens with Min, Orn and Roong visiting the doctor to get Min's skin condition treated. He's flaking so much people follow him like busboys with crumb-catchers, but Min, for the most part, is little more than a prop in the early going. In the meantime, we watch Orn and Roong have a pretty ordinary day.

Min and Roong are in love and have to make excuses to factory bosses to have time together. Min's aunt Orn wants a baby, but her first child drowned, and husband Sirota is afraid to try again. Young love happy, midlife love sad.

The themes are tame enough, but this is not a family film. Even in context, most parents won't want their kids to see Orn and Sirota having sex in the woods, and this is graphic, if altogether mundane, sex.

Points are awarded for safe sex, especially in a Thai film, as we see Sirota cast off his condom.

He also picks over her hair and scalp afterward like apes groom each other for nits. Not really the American concept of a romantic picnic date.

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