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Bubba Raw Vol. 2 (DVD Review)

16 Nov, 2008 By: David Greenberg

Bubba Raw

Street 11/18/08
$19.99 DVD

A celebration of all things lewd, crude and depraved, this compilation of stunts, skits, rituals, pranks and interviews from wildly popular Florida shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge and his crew of crazies is most definitely not for everyone.

Unabashedly, unapologetically and self-admittedly created by, for and about white trash and the low culture associated with it, the world of Bubba is populated with strippers and porn stars, sleazeballs and scumbags, snake charmers and at least one little person, all of whom seem to have no limits when it comes to stretching beyond the boundaries of good taste.

A mix of softcore porn and MTV’s “Jackass,” and cut from the same cloth as Howard Stern (with whom he occasionally collaborates), Bubba’s show commonly consists of graphic descriptions of unconventional sexual acts, often backing up the discussions with on-air examples provided by any number of adult film stars and countless willing members of his staff.

The show, however, is not completely focused on behavior of a carnal nature. The first, genuinely fascinating, segment on the DVD involves an amateur reptile expert tempting fate by playing with and taunting a rattlesnake in an attempt to get it to attack. Honestly, after this spectacle, all of the program’s other segments (yes, including the frequent segments that feature ample toplessness — emphasis on the word ample) start to become more than a little mundane, albeit graphic and gratuitous.

One thing that the producers of the program wisely do is have Bubba and his regulars introduce each increasingly grotesque segment and later comment on the experience. The DVD is clearly preaching to the chorus of the show’s rabid fans.

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