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Sony Eyeing PS Vita TV Launch

9 Sep, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Micro device would enhance PlayStation Vita system with video functionality, including access to Hulu.com, Twitter and other Web properties

Sony Electronics is eyeing the launch of hardware that will enhance its PlayStation Vita portable game system with video and TV functionality.

Dubbed PlayStation Vita TV, the 6cm-by-10cm device acts as a conduit between Vita and an HDTV allowing users to play both Vita and PSP games on their television.

Sony reportedly is launching the device (with 1GB internal memory, HDMI output and USB input) in Japan Nov. 14 for $95. A separate unit, which includes an 8GB external memory disc and DualShock controller, will retail for $143.

Sony has not announced a global rollout for Vita TV.

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