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Sony Launches New Application Concept for ‘Men in Black 3’

19 Nov, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

CULVER CITY, Calif. — Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has developed a new movie application for Apple’s iPad, but don’t you dare call it a second-screen app.

Debuting with the Nov. 30 release of Men in Black 3, the studio’s Movie Touch works with the film directly on the iPad, downloaded for offline playback or streamed using a Wi-Fi connection. Movie Touch offers added-value content while the film plays, including behind-the-scenes videos, photos, multi-screen and green-screen angles, dialogue search, filmographies, fun facts, an interactive timeline, maps, and, exclusive for Men in Black 3, a map that offers information about MIB headquarters around the world. Users can also make their own clips from the film and share them on Facebook.

Users can customize their viewing experience, deciding what pops up while the movie plays, or by watching the film without the added-value content. Users aren’t tied down to just the content at certain parts of the film, but are able to access any of it during the film. The film can either be purchased directly through the application, or if a consumer already owns the film, accessed via UltraViolet.

“We really designed this from the bottom up with this device in mind,” said Richard Berger, SVP of global digital strategy and operations for SPHE. “You can really take a deeper dive into the movie, and it’s all within context of the scenes. There’s quite a bit of control in the consumers’ hands, and we didn’t just port over the experience from the DVD or Blu-ray Disc.”

Berger said the application is meant to help drive sellthrough, noting that the feature won’t work with rentals. Total Recall (Dec. 18) will be the next Sony Pictures title to get the Movie Touch treatment, and the studio plans to expand the feature to other platforms.

Sony Pictures has several Men in Black 3 SKUs lined up, including a 3D Blu-ray Disc combo pack, a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, a DVD, and a limited-edition gift set that features all three franchise films on Blu-ray. All versions include UltraViolet.

Bonus features include a “Spot the Alien” game, two lengthy featurettes (“The Evolution of Cool: MIB 1960s vs. Today” and “Keeping it Surreal: The FX of MIB 3”), a making-of, a gag reel, five progression reels and more. The DVD version comes with a music video, while the 3D Blu-ray version comes with two exclusive featurettes: “The Case of Boris the Animal: The 3D Models of MIB 3” and “Converting to 3D.”

Rick Baker, makeup effects artist for the film, said those involved with the film were pleased with how it turned out, both in theaters and for home entertainment.

“It looks like there’s a lot of fun stuff [in the bonuses],” he said. “I kind of like the idea that some kid interested in how it’s all done can find out with these extras.”

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