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Moon (Blu-ray Review)


By : John Latchem | Posted: 04 Jan 2010

Street 1/12/10
Sony Pictures
Box Office $5 million
$27.96 DVD,  $37.95 Blu-ray
Rated ‘R’ for language.
Stars Sam Rockwell, Dominique McElligott, Kaya Scodelario. Voice of Kevin Spacey.

Moon is the kind of thoughtful, intelligent science-ficiton 'Star Trek' used to do before its handlers morphed it into an action franchise.

First-time director Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie) has made the most of his $5 million budget, crafting a film that looks as good as any big-budget epic while paying homage to such classics as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien. The result is a film with exquisite visuals that look amazing in HD.

Sam Rockwell turns in a terrific, nuanced performance as the lone astronaut stationed on a mining colony on the far side of the moon some time in the near future. His job is to maintain the equipment and send to Earth canisters of a substance used to power fusion reactors. He is preparing to return home after a three-year stint, but the isolation is getting to him, and he experiences a hallucination that causes an accident, the aftermath of which begins to unravel the true nature of his mission and force him to question his identity.

The spartan stylistic choices made in the production design put to shame movies such as The Island that cover the same basic subject matter. Moon is as much about the subtleties of its craftsmanship as it is the revelations of its story, and will likely require multiple viewings to absorb it all.

Jones, who exudes an aw-shucks demeanor when presenting the film to the public, uses the extras on the disc to answer a few lingering ambiguities. This includes two separate Q&A sessions, as well as two commentaries — one focusing on the story, the other on the technical aspects of the production.

A pair of short-but-sweet making-of extras round out the disc. 


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