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Cross (DVD Review)

31 May, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Street 5/31
Sony Pictures
$24.96 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for violence and some language.
Stars Brian Austin Green, Jake Busey, Lori Heuring, Tom Sizemore, Vinnie Jones, Michael Clarke Duncan.

The streets of Los Angeles are under siege by a diabolic madman named Gunner (Vinnie Jones) looking for a certain genetic marker found in select young females that can bring back a mystic potion capable of killing millions.

Why? Because he’s cursed to be the last person on Earth. With an inability to die conventionally (ode to Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray), Gunner, who previously lost his only love, wants to go out by global airborne biological attack.

Helping him in this unusual suicide quest is a local gang of thugs headed by Erlik (baritone-voiced Michael Clarke Duncan, impressive in an expanded role), who, ironically, seeks fortune and immortality.

On their tail is a group of smartass vigilante hardbodies spearheaded by Callan (Brian Austin Green from the original “Beverly Hills 90210”), who has superpowers (immune against flying bullets of all sizes and velocity) when wearing a special green pendant (i.e. cross) given to him by his late dad.

If nothing else, direct-to-video Cross gets kudos for casting a veritable “who’s who” of ‘B’ character actors, including Jake Busey, C. Thomas Howell, Tom Sizemore, Robert Caradine and Danny Trejo, among others, in this low-budget Watchmen.

The DVD includes commentary with director Patrick Durham, an alternate ending, deleted scenes and animatics storyboards.

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