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Mr. Belvedere: Seasons One & Two (DVD Review)

8 Mar, 2009 By: John Latchem

Mr. Belvedere

Street 3/17/09
Shout! Factory
$44.99 five-DVD set
Not rated.
Stars Christopher Hewett, Bob Uecker, Ilene Graff, Brice Beckham, Tracy Wells, Rob Stone.

The sitcom “Mr. Belvedere” may not have been the most popular show from the 1980s, but it has left an enduring memory.

The show starred Christopher Hewett as the proper Englishman who moves in with the Owens family in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Penn. The hilarious Bob Uecker played George Owens, with Ilene Graff as his wife, and Rob Stone, Tracy Wells and Brice Beckham as their children, causing all sorts of headaches for the prim and proper Belvedere.

This DVD set, licensed from Fox, includes seven episodes from the first season, and 22 episodes from the second season, spanning 1985 to 1986.

The set is surprisingly light on extras for a Shout! Factory release. It includes a brief retrospective featuring interviews with Uecker, Graff, Stone and Beckham (all grown up). They pay brief tribute to Hewett, who died in 2001. While he was best known for his role on the show, his distinguished career included a stint on “Fantasy Island” and as the dandy director in the original The Producers movie.

Also included is a bland 1992 “Saturday Night Live” sketch about a “Mr. Belvedere” fan club meeting, starring Tom Hanks.

I would have liked to see something about the history of the Lynn Belvedere character, which was created by author Gwen Davenport in the 1947 novel Belvedere. Clifton Webb played the role in the 1948 film Sitting Pretty and its two sequels, and the 1950s and 1960s saw three failed TV pilots based on the premise.

Nevertheless, this DVD set should have long-suffering fans jumping for joy.

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