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SEAL Team (DVD Review)

15 Nov, 2009 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Seal Team

Street 11/17/09
Screen Media
$24.98 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for language and some violence.
Stars Jeremy Davis, Zack McGowan, Chris Warner, Lisa Carnahan, Ken Gamble.

The Iraq War and current Afghanistan situation might have been mere blips in the annals of U.S. military conflict if contested by Seal Team VI.

This low-budget fictional account of a Black Ops counter-terrorism squad dropped behind enemy lines days before Operation: Desert Shield — the U.S. led effort to remove Iraqi armed forces from Kuwait in 1991 — could be mistaken for testosterone-fueled propaganda.

Instead, SEAL Team is a story about enduring personal loss.

Master chief Devon Mackefy (Ken Gamble) heads the five-man special operations unit, including rookie petty officer Michael Davis (Jeremy Davis), that bleeds red, white and blue and is supposed to meet an Iraqi informant on a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines.

When an Iraqi boy is accidentally caught in the crossfire with enemy soldiers, Mackefy is brought face-to-face with the mental wounds and guilt surrounding the death of his own young son who was killed months before in a traffic accident.

When Mackefy insists on a burial for the Iraqi boy, the special-ops team suddenly is left to deal with consequences that exceed winning or losing.

Writer-director Mark Andrews cleverly juxtaposes actual military footage and aerial combat with a believable cast to create a compelling story that transcends blind devotion to duty, honor and country.   

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