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Death in Love (DVD Review)

By : Billy Gil | Posted: 19 Jan 2010

Street 1/19/10
Screen Media
Box Office $0.02 million
$24.98 DVD, $29.98 Blu-ray
Rated ‘R’ for disturbing violent and graphic sexual content, nudity and language.
Stars Josh Lucas, Jacqueline Bisset, Lukas Haas, Adam Brody.

Viewers may not know what to make of Death in Love, a twisted and sexual (but not sexy) drama centered on a con man’s miserable existence.

Josh Lucas is great as a screwed up agent who gets everyday women to join his modeling agency to sap them of money. His dramatic, plate-throwing mother (Jacqueline Bisset) has ties to a wartime mystery that causes men she is involved with to die. Meanwhile, her younger son (Lukas Haas) lives at home and drives her crazy.

The eldest son’s desolation is broken up by the arrival of a new, smooth-talking agent (Adam Brody) who actually seems to believe in their girls and tries to get them work.

Death in Love
aims for a David Lynch-style phantasmagoric series of brutally gory and uncomfortable sexual images (don’t make the mistake of watching this film while eating). Some of its twists are interesting, but it doesn’t really add up to anything artful, much less logical.

To top it off, I found it to be pretty misogynistic overall, with stereotypically unpredictable, hapless female characters, largely with nary a shred of personality.

Despite stagy dialogue, Bisset and Brody in particular are strong in somewhat limited roles. Lucas is forced to mope and show his butt a whole lot, but he does a fine job of making his thoroughly unlikable character watchable.

It’s unfortunate when a film such as this takes risks and is unsuccessful, but on the upside, writer-director Boaz Yakin’s film is never boring and may have you rewatching to untie its twists.


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