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Cyborg 3 (DVD Review)

20 Nov, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Prebook 11/23/10; Street 12/21/10
Screen Media
$14.98 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for non-stop violence, and for some nudity.
Stars Malcolm McDowell, Zach Galligan, Khrystyne Haje, Richard Lynch, William Katt.

You know the future is bleak when cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) hunt other cyborgs for fun and profit — with humans little more than collateral damage.

That’s the scenario in the low-budget 1995 sci-fi movie Cyborg 3 (known in its day as Cyborg 3: The Recycler), in which Anton Lewellyn (veteran bad guy Richard Lynch) and sidekick Jocko (Andrew Bryniarski from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) canvass the wasteland (actually the Mojave Desert) in a futuristic RV in search of body parts (specifically eyes) at the behest of Lord Talon (Malcolm McDowell, in a brief perfunctory role).

Casella ‘Cash’ Reese (Khrystyne Haje of 1980s TV series “Head of the Class”), a cyborg with a conscience, harbors an unusual secret and cybernetic first: She’s pregnant. That makes her/it worth more than all the eyeballs dangling around Lewellyn’s neck.

Despite her space-age dune buggy being able to easily run circles around the RV, Reese conveniently develops “car troubles” — suddenly finding herself in myriad compromising situations in her journey to Cy Town. Luckily, there suddenly emerges Evans (Zach Galligan of Gremlins) — one of many humans living underground — who proves that ingenuity typically trumps a machine. Or does it?

If you’re a connoisseur of the type of programming regularly featured on Syfy, then you will excuse the cheesy special effects and wannabe “Mad Max” landscape while appreciating the intent in Cyborg 3.

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