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Same Make, New Model

24 Jul, 2009 By: Fred Topel


Terminator: Salvation was the first film in the franchise to be rated ‘PG-13.’

Director McG made some cuts to achieve this — including a topless scene — but he stands by the theatrical version of the film. He plans to include an extended cut on home video.

With a Blu-ray Disc release on the horizon, McG says he looks forward to the opportunity to personalize his behind-the-scenes exploration of the film, which stars Christian Bale as John Connor and Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese.

“I’ll include all the outtakes, and I do a walk-on,” McG says. “In Watchmen, Zack [Snyder] comes in and talks about how he did this, that and the other in this great Blu-ray technology. We do it too, and I’ll speak to those exact [editing] examples. It’s a warts and all discussion, [such as] here’s why ultimately the scene where Moon (Bloodgood) takes her top off isn’t in the movie.”

McG says he cut the scene for artistic reasons.

“I didn’t want to be guilty of the genre convention of the hot girl goes topless,” McG says. “It just would have let the audience off the hook and would have compromised story and character.”

Bloodgood, who plays fighter pilot Blair Williams in the film, recalls the scene as not that big a deal.

“Basically it’s a moment when I’m cleaning off a wound and I feel Sam [Worthington], the presence of him staring at me, and I just kind of turn back,” Bloodgood says. “There were scenes where I did it with hands over my boobs, but it’s literally a quick silhouette.”

Since she was willing to perform the scene in the movie, Bloodgood is ambivalent to its inclusion on disc.

“I just don’t like to feel that as a woman I should be apologetic about my sexuality or that I made a choice because I was forced into it,” Bloodgood says. “I thought the scene was appropriate. I thought it was beautiful. I have a very European feel about nudity.”

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