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Not a Routine Expedition

26 Jul, 2009 By: Fred Topel

Land of the Lost

When Will Ferrell gets together with his comedy buddies, there’s always extra material. The DVD of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy had an entire film comprising outtakes. While there isn’t a second, outtake version of Land of the Lost, director Brad Silberling has plenty of extras to cull from Ferrell’s improv antics.

“There’s going to be a significant amount of deleted material, along with commentary,” Silberling says of the home video to be released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

The feature film remake of the 1970s TV series follows the adventures of Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell), who accidentally opens a space-time vortex that transports him and two other people to an alternate world filled with dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures.

“We had a running series of food diaries that Rick Marshall was secretly keeping,” Silberling says. “He would slink off and try to narrate this diet that he’s trying to sustain and failing miserably. So now I think those will be included as well.”

With the increased capacity of Blu-ray Disc and branching technology, Silberling may include extended improvisations within the film.

“We may play a little bit with some of the Easter egg technology, showing a little bit of an extended improv run within a scene so you can toggle and see the continuation of a take in a couple of appropriate moments,” he says.

The home videos also may feature an extended version, but Silberling says fans shouldn’t be fooled if it’s called ‘unrated.’ It would still be ‘PG-13’ in spirit, just loaded with extra humor.

“Sadly, if it’s called unrated, it will just be because it sounds tantalizing,” Silberling says. “At the movie’s most extreme, we got a ‘PG-13.’ I may, down the line just for sheer enjoyment, put together more of an extended director’s cut just because the movie goes so many places. We tried to strike the balance that we did, but there are certainly things I left behind that I did love.”

As for any behind-the-scenes and making-of material, Silberling trusts the experts to capture his filmmaking process while he’s working.

“DVD producer David Prior is great,” Silberling says. “He’s doing a very comprehensive documentary, too, because they were with us every day.”

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