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Mr. Blue Sky (DVD Review)

7 Mar, 2009 By: Angelique Flores

Mr. Blue Sky

Street 3/17/09
Drummond & Smith
Box Office $0.006 million
$19.99 DVD.
Stars Richard Karn, Mary Kate Schellhardt.

Mr. Blue Sky is truly a different kind of love story.

Three childhood friends — Greg, Bonnie and Andra — grow up together in the same neighborhood. Bonnie and Greg are protective of Andra, who has Down syndrome and often falls prey to other kids’ and even adults’ inexplicable abuse.

The film flash-forwards to the three in their mid-20s. Bonnie has landed a job at a law firm and has found new friends and left Andra behind. Greg is an elementary-school teacher and has recently started dating Bonnie when he starts to tutor Andra, who is trying to complete her AA degree.

All too quickly, Greg falls in love with Andra and wants to marry her. He does so, much to the shock of his alcoholic father (Richard Karn of “Home Improvement”) and the parents at the school where he teaches.

Meanwhile, broken-hearted Bonnie is questioning her superficial friends. And rather than be mad at the woman her boyfriend left her for, she becomes Andra’s best friend again.

While I’d really like to believe that an intelligent, attractive man could easily ignore that a woman has Down syndrome and want to marry her as if it’s no big deal, it just wasn’t believable here. Andra was sweet and charming but very child-like. There was no chemistry between the two characters, and the relationship developed too fast to believe.

The film seemed to try too hard to touch on serious topics such as alcoholism, suicide and struggling with a disability.

Mr. Blue Sky — titled after what Andra calls a sunny day — is a sweet, heartwarming film. But some of the plot elements and characters were convenient, far-fetched or just too rosey.

However, the film is touching and could be inspirational to its intended audience.

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