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Plans of Man, The (DVD Review)

10 Aug, 2008 By: Laura Tiffany

Plans of Man

Prebook 8/13/08; Street 9/9/08
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Dean Loxton, Adriane Denia, Will Edenzor.

Adam (Loxton) is the embodiment of tunnel vision. His long-time girlfriend has left him and London for a job in New York City, and all he can think about is his five-year plan, which involves him joining her stateside and reconciling.

Standing in the way of this plan is his lecherous boss controlling his chances of a NYC promotion, and a lovely American (Adriane Denia) who needs a visa to stay in London.

Not bad makings for an indie romantic comedy. Men don't always get their due in this genre (outside of Judd Apatow's man-children), and interracial, international aspects of the romance are treated as a nice non-issue.

The sweet interaction between Adam, Evie (the American) and Adam's brother, an immature young man who won't come out to his mother, saves the film. These three make excellent pals and their pub chats make for the film's strongest scenes.

The disc comes with a few more extras than one would expect for such a small film. There are interviews with writer-director-editor Rachel BernSousa and all the key cast members, as well as deleted scenes. For true indie film fans who can be forgiving of first-time mistakes, The Plans of Man may work as a romantic comedy with a different point of view. – Laura Tiffany

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