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Comprehensive reviews of upcoming movies, TV shows and other programs released on standard DVD.

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Clash of the Titans (Blu-ray Review)    11 Mar, 2010

Article By: Chris Tribbey

The graininess and softer look of an older film are still present, but the enhanced detail and lack...More>>

Wonderful World (DVD Review)    10 Mar, 2010

Article By: Erik Gruenwedel

Matthew Broderick's understated performance is a welcome renaissance. (Street Date 3/16/10)More>>

Princess and the Frog, The (Blu-ray Review)    9 Mar, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

'The Princess and the Frog' is a welcome return to form, and the Blu-ray offers array of extras...More>>

Up in the Air (Blu-ray Review)    8 Mar, 2010

Article By: Mike Clark

An instant milestone in the career of George Clooney dealing with the recently laid-off economic...More>>

Precious (Blu-ray Review)    8 Mar, 2010

Article By: Mike Clark

Despite the inevitable high-test squalor of any story about a 450-pound Harlem teenager being twice...More>>

List of Adrian Messenger, The (DVD Review)    8 Mar, 2010

Article By: Mike Clark

Sprinkled throughout John Huston’s mystery movie are brief appearances by well-known actors with...More>>

Home of the Giants (DVD Review)    7 Mar, 2010

Article By: Angelique Flores

More than a basketball drama or a teen flick, 'Home of the Giants' is a coming-of-age story about...More>>

Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete First Season (DVD Review)    5 Mar, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

The release of the first season comes as a welcome relief to the show’s many fans. (Street Date...More>>

Alice in Wonderland (1933) (DVD Review)    1 Mar, 2010

Article By: Mike Clark

A strange movie even by “Alice” standards, it would be a stretch to call this version engaging...More>>

Weathered Underground, The (DVD Review)    28 Feb, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

'The Weathered Underground,' from writer-director David N. Donihue, is an effective use of the DVD...More>>