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Comprehensive reviews of upcoming movies, TV shows and other programs released on standard DVD.

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We’re the Millers (Blu-ray Review)    15 Nov, 2013

Article By: John Latchem

The best thing 'We’re the Millers' has going for it is the way it turns family vacation movie...More>>

What a Way to Go! (Blu-ray Review)    20 Feb, 2017

Article By: Mike Clark

There were likely people who went to see ‘What a Way To Go!’ precisely because of lead Shirley...More>>

When It Was a Game: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray Review)     13 Jun, 2011

Article By: Mike Clark

Originally aired over a decade as three separate hour-long documentaries, the shows are packed with...More>>

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Blu-ray Review)    24 Jun, 2016

Article By: John Latchem

Viewed outside the context of its comedic expectations, 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' is an effective...More>>

Whistler, The/The Power of the Whistler (DVD Review)    29 Jun, 2015

Article By: Mike Clark

Eight "Whistler" movies sprang from the popular radio show, with the first and third presented...More>>

White House Revealed (DVD Review)    19 Jul, 2010

Article By: Mike Clark

Martin Sheen (an apt choice considering his role on “The West Wing”) narrates this 50-minute...More>>

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Review)    28 Mar, 2013

Article By: John Latchem

Looking back, 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' represents something of a turning point in the history of...More>>

Wieners (DVD Review)    4 May, 2008

Article By: David Greenberg

The appealing, gifted leads all bring solid fanbases to the project.More>>

Wild Cherry (Blu-ray Review)    28 May, 2011

Article By: Erik Gruenwedel

In 'Wild Cherry,' director Dana Lustig opts for a twist on the requisite...More>>

Wild in the Streets (Blu-ray Review)    6 Sep, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

This yarn about a rock star who becomes a California senator on his way to the presidency was a...More>>