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YouTube Still Rules Online Video World

22 Mar, 2016 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Google-owned YouTube continues to dominate online video traffic, generating the bulk of the search behemoth’s 243.6 million unique desktop/mobile visitors in February, according to new data from comScore. Google properties also include digital sales/rental platform Google Play, among others.

Runner-ups included Facebook with 206.4 million unique visitors; Yahoo (204.4 million); Microsoft (201.3 million), which includes Xbox; and Amazon (171.8 million), which includes Prime Video.

Notably, Netflix, which dominates domestic over-the-top video and peak primetime streaming traffic, ranked just 39th with 66.3 million unique visitors. The data underscores the fact Netflix generates most of its traffic via connected devices; not the desktop computer or mobile.

Comcast, which includes NBC Universal and comedy streaming service Seeso, generated 152.4 million visitors; and CBS Interactive, which includes CBS All Access and CBSN, generated 148.1 million.

Apple, which does not include Apple TV, had 141.5 million visitors; while Walmart, which does not include Vudu, had 87.8 million. ESPN had 75.6 million, while Fox News Digital Network had 58.6 million, just behind Viacom Digital, which includes streaming service Noggin, with 58.9 million.


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