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Study: Females Outspend Males in Mobile Gaming

14 Aug, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

Women and girls spend more time and money on mobile game apps — and are also more loyal to the content — than boys and men, according to a new study.

Mobile data analytics company Flurry tracked who was using games downloaded on 1.1 million mobile devices, and found women make 31% more in-app purchases than men, and that females spend 35% more time in gaming apps than males.

“While the fact that females invest more time in gaming apps, especially in management and simulation games, has rarely been disputed, the fact that females also outspend males in in-app purchases came as a surprise to us,” the report reads.

Women have 42% higher seven-day retention on average with mobile games compared to males, though it all depends on the genre: males spend much more time with card and battle games, strategy, sports, action and RPG, while females dominate simulation, slots, casino, bubble shooters, bingo, quizzes and runner games.

“While the broadening of the mobile gaming base may not be welcome by hardcore male gamers, it brings good news to advertisers seeking to reach their audience,” the Flurry report reads. “In fact, advertisers are shifting billions of dollars in advertising to the mobile platform with the hopes of reaching the audience that is glued to smartphones and tablets 24/7, 365.

“The gaming segment still accounts for 32% of time spent on mobile devices and hence that segment will be sought after by major advertisers. The fact that this segment is attracting females as well as males of all ages makes it even more appealing to advertisers and their agencies.”

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