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ShoWest: Kiosks, By-Mail Rentals Driving Home Entertainment

By : Erik Gruenwedel | Posted: 16 Mar 2010

More than 40% of consumers said they will rent a movie at a kiosk this year compared to 36% who said they will do so at a video store, according to a new report.

In addition more than twice the percentage (26%) of consumers increasing their rentals of DVDs/Blu-ray Discs will to do so at kiosks, rather than video stores (12%), according to Market Force Information, a Boulder, Colo.-based research firm that compiled the report for ShoWest 2010, a theatrical confab through March 17 in Las Vegas.

Fifteen percent of consumers said they watch movies from their cable TV subscriptions, with 18% saying they expect to increase that practice in the coming year.

The survey, compiled from more than 300,000 respondents, including 75% women, was meant to bolster the theatrical outlook in 2010.

The report stated that a higher percentage of female respondents was important since women (50% with children) are the primary household consumer purchasers.

Thirty percent of respondents said new releases prompted their movie purchases, while 25% said going out with friends guided their going to the movies.

The report also stated that subscription-based rental services such as Netflix and Blockbuster Online are being used by 27% of the consumers surveyed, and 21% said they expect that to increase by-mail renting.


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