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Redbox Third-Most-Improved Brand Among Millennials

30 Sep, 2017 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Youth-obsessed millennials are driving e-commerce, social media and over-the-top video. They’re also apparently high on renting movies at Redbox, according to a July YouGov BrandIndex survey.

The kiosk-based nation’s largest video rental chain ranked among the top three most-improved retail brands in terms of perception — up 11.3% from the previous-year period.

Redbox’s ranking tied Beats by Dr. Dre and trailed Cheap Tickets (up 13%) and Lane Bryant (14.3%). The kiosk vendor’s perception gain exceeded Nintendo Wii (10.9%), Payless (8.9%), Forever 21 (8.7%), Tesla (8.5%), Royal Caribbean Cruises and GE (8.4%).

YouGov.com tracks myriad companies across 16 measures of “brand health” via online surveys. The sampling margin of error ranges from 2% to 2.5%.

“Changes in the score greater than that margin of error indicate a statistically significant improvement in the brand,” CEO Ted Marzilli told Adweek.

Redbox has aggressively sought new distribution agreements with studios featuring shorter embargo periods for new releases. The chain is also adding 1,500 kiosks nationwide.

“It’s no surprise to us, as we’ve seen similar data internally with millennials,” said a company representative. “Redbox over-indexes with millennials in awareness and usage.”

The best-perceived brands among millennials included Facebook (83.5%), Netflix (75.8%), Southern retailer H-E-B (74%), Walmart (73.2%), Victoria’s Secret (70.1%), YouTube (69.3%), Snapchat (69%), Amazon (68.7%), Starbucks (67.9%) and Monster Energy Drinks (67%).

Unlike the previous YouGov survey that compared millennials with adults over the age of 18, this year’s report focused just on millennials.

“Millennials influence what the rest of the market buys; we’re a youth-oriented and youth-obsessed culture,” Marzilli said. “So it’s important for brands to understand what resonates with them.”

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