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Nielsen: 65% of TV Viewers Watch VOD Programming

23 Mar, 2016 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Live television viewing continues to become an endangered social habit among consumers, with 65% of respondents in a recent Nielsen survey across 61 countries indicating they watch programming on demand, including recorded, VOD and third-party video streaming services.

More than a quarter of global online respondents (26%) say they pay to watch broadcast or VOD programming via subscription to an online-service provider such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, compared with 72% who say they pay to watch via a traditional TV connection.

The survey, conducted Aug. 10 to Sep. 4, 2015, polled more than 30,000 online consumers throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/Africa and North America.

North America and Asia-Pacific led online video consumption, with 35% of respondents in North America and 32% in Asia-Pacific indicating they pay a SVOD service for content.

Not surprisingly, the younger the viewer, the more likely he or she consumes content on demand from the Internet. The survey found 31% of Generation Z (ages 15–20) and Millennial (ages 21–34) respondents said they pay a subscription streaming service such as Netflix, compared with 24% of Generation X (ages 35–49), 15% of Baby Boomer (ages 50–64) and 6% of Silent Generation (ages 65+) respondents.

Indeed, about 40% of Gen Z (40%) and Millennial (38%) respondents who subscribe to a pay-TV service said say they plan to cancel service in favor of SVOD — a rate that is nearly three times higher than for Baby Boomers (15%) and four times higher than for Silent Generation respondents (9%).

Nielsen found VOD is becoming a daily viewing habit, with 43% of respondents saying they watch at least once a day. Nearly 60% said they don’t mind advertising if they can view for free. More than 77% of respondents who watch VOD programming said they do so because they can view on their own schedule.

Among those who watch VOD programming, Millennials and Gen X are the most likely to binge-view multiple episodes at once.

“Content will always be king, and consumers will continue to demand greater control and customization of the viewing experience,” Megan Clarken, president of Nielsen product leadership, said in a statement.

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