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Optical Media Launches Digital Delivery Platform

27 Feb, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Indianapolis-based replicator Optical Media Manufacturing has launched a new white label digital video distribution platform for video-on-demand, downloads and streaming.

OMModify delivers downloads in an encrypted format to a branded desktop media player and offers a digital locker component similar to UltraViolet.

“The OMModify solution allows every video publisher to participate in the download-to-own and electronic sellthrough space which is exploding right now,” said Chip Viering, president of the company’s digital division. “Today’s video publisher must offer the physical disc, the secure download and streaming access to capture every customer interested in their video programs.” 

Viering said video publishers keep 85% of download-to-own sales using OMModify, and the solution is easy to add, as “simple as adding a ‘Download Now’ button next the ‘Buy Now’ button on every product detail page,” he said.

“Today’s video publishers face some daunting hurdles approaching a digital distribution initiative as they did in physical distribution,” Viering said. “We believe digital media distribution should be a universal method and not just for hit movies and episodic TV shows.”

Current distributors using the platform include Hudson Digital, Alfred Publishing and Black Belt Digital Dojo.

For more information, visit ommodify.com.

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