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Cinram to Use CDSA Certification

By : Chris Tribbey | Posted: 05 Mar 2010

Starting this year replicator Cinram will call on the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) to certify that it’s doing everything possible to protect its clients' intellectual policy.

The CDSA’s certification process will take place at Cinram’s European facilities, and will cover home video, music, video games and business software.

“We believe that CDSA will provide an independent, industry-endorsed validation of the systems that we have already in place for the protection of our customers’ content,” said Kenny Aldridge, Cinram’s corporate compliance officer. 

CDSA’s content protection and security standards first came about thanks to the input of security and antipiracy experts across the world. Electronic Arts and Universal are among the content owners who use CDSA certification.

“The secure handling and protection of intellectual property is the highest priority for the entertainment industry,” said Linda Dyson, CDSA worldwide director of antipiracy and compliance programs.


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