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Video Buyers Group Combats Kiosks With ‘Available Here 1st’ Logo

12 Oct, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

The Video Buyers Group, representing roughly 1,700 independent video rentailers nationwide, has unveiled a logo that will show up on posters in video stores and on DVDs from studios currently fighting with Redbox over the availability of new releases in the kiosks.

The red “Available Here 1st” logo will start appearing in the buying group’s video stores by the end of the month, according to Video Buyers Group president Ted Engen.

“We look at this as an informational campaign. [Consumers] need to know what’s going on with the studios and these vending machines,” he said, referring to Warner Home Video, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment restricting their wholesalers from selling to kiosk operator Redbox until 28 days to 45 days after street date. “We’re showing consumers that these restrictions don’t apply to video retail.”

Engen said Video Buyers Group members would be encouraged to place the stickers on new releases from those studios, to emphasize that the rentailers have no problem getting new releases from the studios. The group will also run ads in the stores, Engen said.

“This isn’t a one-time shot. We expect this to run through 2010,” he said.

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