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Redbox: ‘Shutter Island’ Top Rental in 2010

By : Erik Gruenwedel | Posted: 30 Dec 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio emerging as the top “rented” actor by Redbox consumers in 2010 might not be as surprising as the film that got him there.

DiCaprio’s Shutter Island from Paramount Home Entertainment — not Christopher Nolan’s Inception (Warner Home Video) in which DiCaprio heads an ensemble cast — was the top Redbox rental of the year.

“Island,” which pulled in $128 million at the box office ($294 million globally), generated 5.5 million rental turns through Dec. 26, according to a Redbox spokesperson.

The tally bested 2009 Redbox rental winner Paul Bart: Mall Cop (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) by 1 million turns.

Inception, which received multiple award nominations and ranked 5th on the box office with $292 million ($532 million globally), didn’t even make the top five Redbox rentals.

Runner-up this year was The Bounty Hunter, followed by Grown Ups, The Karate Kid (all Sony) and The Blind Side (Warner). The latter is noteworthy considering it was embargoed 28 days after street date to kiosks.

Redbox has exclusive street date distribution deals with Paramount and Sony.


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