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Redbox Free Rental Fan Sites Pop Up

29 Apr, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Fans of Redbox have created Web sites to find free rental codes for the company’s DVD rental kiosks: InsideRedbox.com, FreeRedbox.com, and FreeRedboxCodes.com.

The $1-a-night DVD rental kiosk operator for years has been giving free rental codes for its machines to first-time users and free weekly codes to anyone interested in a free rental. The free rentals still require a credit card or debit card, and renters would be charged if they kept the movie longer than 24 hours.

“Redbox free rental-code promotions are a great tool for us to raise awareness and trial of Redbox,” a Redbox spokesperson said. “As DVD rental kiosks reflect a new retail experience for many consumers, a free rental code incentivizes consumers to try Redbox and see first-hand how convenient it is to rent new release DVDs.”

Fan sites with free rental codes are all unaffiliated with Redbox.

“One day as I was driving by McDonalds I saw the [Redbox] machine outside and went to investigate. … I was hooked,” writes the creator of FreeRedboxCodes.com, who could not be reached for further comment. “I could get movies when I wanted, even at 4 a.m. POOF, I got an e-mail with a code for a free movie.

“Hmm, so I went online and saw that there were sites giving out free codes and that Redbox even sent out monthly e-mails for free movies. From then on I was hooked and when you do the math this is a way better deal than Netflix.”

Redbox users continue to search for the right word or series of numbers and letters that give them a free rental any time they want.

“The code REDBOX will only work the first time you, as a new Redbox customer, use each [credit card] or debit card you have,” shares one fan on InsideRedbox.com. “If say, on your MasterCard the first promo code you use on it is BREAKROOM, and then you try the code REDBOX on that same card, code REDBOX won’t work because you’re no longer identified as a new Redbox customer on that card.”

Biggest among Redbox’s free code promotions is its regular Free Movie Monday, available to anyone who registers on the company’s Web site. Free Movie Mondays was slated to end in the next month or so, but Redbox said it plans to continue the service, but limit it to the first Monday of the month.

“To date, we have issued a number of free rental-code promotions as part of cross-promotions with third-party brands or to inspire trial,” the spokesperson said.

Free sure sounds like a better deal than paying, but it may not last forever:

“As trial and awareness of Redbox increases, we anticipate reducing the number of free rental-code promotions,” the spokesman said. “However, consumer can opt-in to receive information on all Redbox promotions nationwide or in their local market by registering email addresses at www.redbox.com.”

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