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Disney Parks (Blu-ray Review)

17 Jun, 2010 By: John Latchem

$49.99 six-DVD set, $19.99 single-DVD, $34.99 Blu-ray Combo Pack
Not rated.

The new “Disney Parks” travel series nicely whets the appetites of anyone looking forward to a Disney-themed vacation. But it’s also a fond reminder of everything the Disney parks still have to offer for those young-at-heart fans who keep going back for more.

The series consists of six programs, with three focused specifically on the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, which offers four different theme parks. Those are Walt Disney World Resort: Behind the Scenes, Ultimate Walt Disney World and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The other three are Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes, Disney Cruise Line and Undiscovered Disney Parks, which is kind of a guide to the lesser-known areas of the various theme parks. Unfortunately, none of the Disney parks outside the United States are covered.

The Blu-ray version consists of Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes, Ultimate Walt Disney World and Undiscovered Disney Parks. The images are lively and filled with Disney charm. At times they give off the feeling of a promotional video, but they are independent productions made in cooperation with Disney.

The programs offer a lot of access to rarely seen areas of the parks. For example, the peeks at Disneyland — the Anaheim, Calif., park that started it all in 1955 — offer glimpses at the exclusive Club 33 and a tour of Walt Disney’s apartment above the fire station.

There are also sneak previews of upcoming attractions, especially the renovations being done to California Adventure. The whole package is nicely punctuated by archive footage of Walt himself, which really hammers home how far his vision has come. The bonus material offers some additional profiles of some attractions.

The Blu-ray combo pack is nice to have, but hardcore Disney fans will probably want the six-DVD set with all the material, especially the glimpse at the Disney cruise ships and the company’s Caribbean island.

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