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Stratostream Celebrates Women ’50s Style

By : Angelique Flores | Posted: 26 Mar 2010

What woman doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful with very little effort?

Bettina May and Go-Go Amy teach women around the world how to unleash their inner bombshell with their touring Pinup Class, showing ladies how to easily achieve the classic vintage pinup look of the 1940s and 1950s.

Stratostream/World Dance New York is bringing that class to DVD March 30 with How to Be a Pinup Model ($14.98).

“We try our hardest to go where we’re requested, but sometimes we don’t have the time or ability to get there,” Go-Go Amy said.

The DVD fixes that problem by replicating what the ladies teach in their classes.

How to Be a Pinup Model is a complete instructional guide for any woman to create a glamorous vintage look that embraces a curvaceous and all-natural aesthetic. Bettina May and Go-Go Amy, both pin-up models and burlesque performers, teach women make-up, hair and poses to create a pin-up look.

“I find it very sexy but also very classy at the same time,” Go-Go Amy said. “It’s not about showing skin or doing anything trashy. … I can wear it to a nightclub and to dinner with my parents, and it’s equally beautiful and never inappropriate.”

Her cohort agrees.

“It’s not about wearing today’s clothes; it’s about feeling good about yourself,” Bettina May said.

On the DVD, the women also show how to do makeovers for both special occasions and everyday looks, as well as offer positive body image motivation.

“There were a lot of ladies who would do the makeovers and have this really great self-image that they didn’t have before,” Go-Go Amy said. “We wanted to give that to as many ladies as humanly possible.”

Bettina May and Go-Go Amy agree that curly hair, red lipstick, cat-eye eyeliner and false eyelashes are the staples of the look, but more importantly, they said, it’s a universally appealing look that fits any body type from size 2 to 20.

“You learn what’s best for you and how to work with your body type,” said Bettina May, who learned how to create the look from her grandmother. “It’s flattering for everyone.”

She said it’s also easy and inexpensive. The ladies said achieving this glamorous look is a simple process that anyone can do in 10 minutes — a selling point for busy moms and professional women on the go, who often skip dedicating time for themselves.

“A large percentage of our students are moms,” Go-Go Amy said. “It’s a nice glamour day away from the kids.”

But for moms who can’t take a whole day out for their workshop, are self-conscious about their bodies, or aren’t a city where the ladies teach the class, then the DVD is the answer.

“The one thing that I think is cooler about the DVD than the class is that there are a lot of great close-ups of exactly how we put everything together,” Go-Go Amy said. “There’s a better view of things, we’re able to take our time, and you get a lot more commentary from us. And you get to keep everything forever.”

Bettina May and Go-Go Amy started teaching their pin-up workshop four years ago. Along with the instructions, they give each student a photo shoot at the end of the day with all the pictures to keep. They’ve been all over the country as well as Canada, Germany, France and Portugal, and will go wherever requested whenever possible.

“This speaks to how universal the style is,” Bettina May said.

Their touring vaudeville show, Pretty Things Peepshow, has helped draw attention to the vintage look and their classes.

“People don’t necessarily don’t know what they’re seeing, but they like it,” Bettina May said. “They call it that ‘old-timey look.’ It has this timeless appeal that people really connect to.”


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