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Sony Bows Second Wave of ‘Martini Movies’

10 Dec, 2008 By: Laleh Ghalambor

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release its second launch of its Martini Movies DVD line Feb. 3, 2009 (rebook Dec. 11).

Priced at $19.94, the releases include Getting Straight, Our Man in Havana, Five, Vibes and Gumshoe.

Marc Rashba, VP of marketing at Sony Pictures, remarked, “The Martini Movies are not tied to any specific decade or genre, they just have to be cool gems that leave an indelible mark with the potential new audience. The same people tend to enjoy the club scene, care about fashion and the arts, so we thought of this as a line of movies that you would enjoy watching in a lounge atmosphere … hence martinis.”

Getting Straight is about Vietnam War veteran Harry Bailey, played by Elliott Gould, who returns to college and tries to not get involved with the anti-war demonstrations sweeping the campus. Staying clear of the protests becomes more complicated when he falls in love with the leader of the movement, Jan, played by Candice Bergen.

Our Man in Havana is a comedy-drama starring Alec Guinness as the father of a girl with expensive tastes. He finds a way to afford her spendthrift ways by allowing himself to be recruited into the British Secret Service, fabricating phony reports of suspicious activities until he leads himself into real danger.

Five tells the story of five Americans, including a neo-Nazi, a pregnant woman, a black man, a bank clerk and a poet, forced to join together after surviving a nuclear holocaust that destroys the world.

Vibes follow the adventures of two psychics, played by Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum, who are tricked into traveling to the mountains of Ecuador to find treasures in a lost temple by using their psychic abilities.

Gumshoe stars Albert Finney as Eddie Ginley, a Bingo caller desiring to become a private eye. Ginley eventually finds himself mixed up with the crime world and happily bringing criminals to justice.

The first wave, released in September, included the films The Garment Jungle, Dollars, The New Centurions, The Anderson Tapes and An Affair in Trinidad.

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