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Making ‘Doughboys’

11 Nov, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Louis Lombardi is an actor, director and screenwriter who next month will appear as the villain Phobos in The Spirit, Frank Miller’s (writer of 300) directorial debut and big-screen adaptation of the newspaper strip by Will Eisner. For now, Lombardi has another project to talk about: Doughboys, the second film he’s written (along with Evan Jacobs), directed and starred in, coming to DVD Nov. 18 from MTI Home Video, at $24.95.

Doughboys is the story of two brothers who own a bakery in the Bronx, left to them by their late father. Frank (Gaetano Iacono) is older, more mature and pretty much runs the show, while Lou (Lombardi) struggles with a gambling problem — one that almost sinks the small New York business.

“I wrote the script almost 12 years ago,” Lombardi explained. “It’s based on true events from when I grew up.”

But the script started out with a pizzeria instead of a bakery. While doing a morning show, Lombardi came across the bakery that would come to be the bakery in the film. Lombardi said he couldn’t pass up what he saw as a movie set come to life. Luckily for him, the bakery was on board, and everything fell into place — demolition was needed for a key scene in the film, for example, and the business happened to need renovations anyway.

The film has been a festival favorite, winning best picture at the Kent Film Festival and audience choice awards at the Staten Island and Westchester County film festivals.

“Ten years after I wrote it, [the film] was financed and shot in two and a half months,” Lombardi said. “That’s why I try to tell people in this business, you never quit.”

The Doughboys DVD includes interviews, including with Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”), who plays the boys’ father in the film and is a longtime friend of Lombardi. Additionally behind-the-scenes footage is available on www.doughboysthemovie.com and www.myspace.com/doughboysthemovie.

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