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Lionsgate, Televisa Release Double Features

19 May, 2009 By: Angelique Flores


Lionsgate is releasing four double features of popular films from Televisa. All of the films were box office successes in Mexico, according to Lionsgate, and feature some of Mexico’s most popular actors and directors. Each set is $9.98.

Del Otro Lado del Puente/Es Mi Vida features two films starring singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel. Del Otro Lado del Puente (1980) is a drama about a young man who moves from Mexico to the United States to become a singer. Es Mi Vida (1982) is the true story of Gabriel’s life and singing career.

La Furia de un Dios/Aquellos Años contains two dramas from contemporary Mexican filmmaking. La Furia (1988) is based on a novel by Albert Camus. Aquellos Años (1974) is about the battles of Mexican President Benito Juárez between 1855 and 1867.

El Ganador/Había Una Vez Una Estrella has two films starring singer-actor Pedro Fernández and Anahi from the popular music group RBD. El Ganador (1992) is about an orphan who dresses like a boy in order to make ends meet and care for her blind and paralyzed grandfather. Había Una Vez Una Estrella (1989) tells the story of a young man who must care for his brothers after his mom dies.

El Futbolista Fenómeno/Mojado de Nacimiento features two films that star the legendary comedian Adalberto Martínez “Resortes.” El Futbolista Fenómeno (1992) is about a beer salesman who becomes a soccer star. Mojado de Nacimiento (1989) tells the story of a humble family from Michoacán who becomes separated when the father heads to the United States looking for work.

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