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‘Futurama’ Flies Into ‘Green Yonder’

26 Nov, 2008 By: John Latchem


The fourth direct-to-video movie based on the “Futurama” animated TV comedy series flies to shelves Feb. 24, 2009, (prebook Jan. 28) from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder will be available on DVD at $29.98 and Blu-ray Disc at $39.98.

The story finds the galaxy on the verge of a new Green Age, threatened by ancient forces. Meanwhile, the members of the Planet Express crew must deal with personal conflicts.

Guest stars include Penn Jillette, Snoop Dogg, talk radio’s Phil Hendrie, and a cameo by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane. The resurrection of “Family Guy” on TV due to strong DVD sales is often cited as the inspiration for the decision to create these “Futurama” movies.

Extras include audio commentary by creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, plus cast members John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche, and others who worked on the movie; a storyboard animatic; deleted scenes; making-of featurettes; a “How to Draw Futurama in 10 Very Difficult Steps” featurette; “Bender’s Movie Theater Etiquette”; “Zapp Brannigan’s Guide to Making Love at a Woman”; and more.

As with the earlier DTV follow-ups to the show, Green Yonder will be broken into four episodes to be run with Comedy Central’s “Futurama” syndication package.

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