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‘Bloodsucking’ Stories Still Fresh

19 Sep, 2008 By: Kyra Kudick

With Alan Ball’s sexy new HBO series “True Blood” garnering critical acclaim, and Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling "Twilight" book saga coming to the big screen this fall, it’s clear audiences still have an insatiable thirst for vampire stories.

Filmmaker Barry Gray set out to explain this dark attraction in his Starz Originals documentary Bloodsucking Cinema, which Anchor Bay Entertainment will release on DVD Sept. 23 at $19.97.

“Vampires are a useful metaphor to hang a story on,” Gray said. “They attracted me more than other [monsters] because they seem a lot more possible.”

In the documentary Gray uses film clips and interviews with horror filmmakers, actors and critics to examine the history of vampires in cinema and their many permutations over the years.

“That’s part of the appeal: the changing mythology,” Gray said. “It is such an enduring myth ... but people find new and innovative ways to tell the story ... so it stays fresh.”

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