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Report: Will Next-Gen PlayStation Thwart Used Games Market?

28 Mar, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Amidst the speculation and innuendo surrounding the name, features and launch date for Sony’s next generation PlayStation video game system comes word the unit won’t be backward compatible with PS3 games or allow users to fully utilize used physical media, among other changes.

Citing a single source, gamer website kotaku.com reported that the new PS4’s codename is “Orbis,” a moniker some believe could be its final retail name when it reportedly is launched in 2013.

To the consumer, the biggest change could be internal stopgaps that only allow the playing of game software either on a Blu-ray Disc or PlayStation Network download.

In a move that is rumored to mirror Microsoft’s pending Xbox Durango system, new games on Blu-ray will incorporate a special code linked with a single PSN account. Users then can play the disc on the system and/or download a digital copy to the hard drive.

Such a scenario could wreak havoc at GameStop, the nation’s largest video game buy, sell, trade chain. Citing the source, Kotaku noted the pre-owned market could be assuaged by allowing the new disc owner to retrieve a code unlocking an updated version online for a fee.

The site said such an arrangement would appease game publishers by not making them have to install online passes for used software for third-party users.

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