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Lynn Lowry Intervenes in Zombie Flick 'George'

28 Sep, 2011 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Known for her work in grisly horror flicks, Lynn Lowry this time has taken a more light-hearted approach, starring in horror-comedy film George: A Zombie Intervention.

“I think George is in a league of its own,” she said. “It's difficult to compare it to other films I've been in because most of them have been very serious horror films, like [George A.] Romero’s The Crazies (1973). Nothing in the least funny about that. [In it] I play a girl who is going mad, is raped by her father and then shot by soldiers. George is, of course, very bloody, but in a campy, funny way. The blood just gets funnier and funnier as the film goes on.”

Breaking Glass Pictures, with Vicious Circle Films, stages George: A Zombie Intervention on DVD ($24.99) Oct. 4.

Friends and family of George (Carlos Larkin) — an apathetic flesh-eating zombie — have had enough with his antics and decide their only hope is to hold an intervention. George’s best friend Ben (Peter Stickles), sister Francine (Shannon Hodson), ex-girlfriend Sarah (Michelle Tomlinson) and her new boyfriend Steve (Eric Dean) call on “professional” interventionist Barbra (Lowry) to help get their pal back on track. When George refuses to admit he has a problem, a twisted bloodbath ensues.

George director and co-writer J.T. Seaton, who also co-wrote the screenplay for 2010’s Psychosomatika in which Lowry was cast, created the too-gentle interventionist part with Lowry in mind.

“I was very interested in the role because she is such a fun character,” she said. “I'm usually cast in more serious horror films, so this was a refreshing change. … Barbra is like a kindergarten teacher. She treats the subject matter like she was teaching them to read from a [See] Spot Run book. Of course there is a deeper side to her. When George won’t cooperate, she definitely gets pissed off and reads him the riot act. But all and all, she is sweet, innocent and neurotic.”

Bonus material includes deleted and alternate scenes, a cast and crew commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, a short film titled Sunday on the Set With George, a “Zombie Rehab Center — Group Therapy” featurette and more.

Lowry gained acclaim for her work in the 1970s in such films as I Drink Your Blood, Sugar Cookies and They Came From Within. Since working on George, Lowry has appeared in horror movies Basement Jack, Divination and Torture Chamber, among others.

“I have actually had a comeback,” she said.

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