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‘Bitch Slap’ Runs on Girls and Guns

Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap

By : Chris Tribbey | Posted: 01 Mar 2010

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Actress Julia Voth wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into when she was handed the script for Bitch Slap.

“I saw the title and had my doubts,” she said. “But 20 pages in and I knew it was something that had never been done before. It was challenging, and not only does it have traditional exploitation themes, it’s smart.”

With wet T-shirts, guns, girl fights, explosions and a not-safe-for-work title, Bitch Slap is guy fare to the extreme. A throwback to ‘B’-movie exploitation films, it follows three smoking hot, hardly clothed women in a plot to extort diamonds and weapons from a mysterious underworld kingpin. The DVD streets March 2 at $22.97 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

“One of the biggest challenges going into this film was finding these three girls,” said director Rick Jacobson. “They had to be gorgeous, able to bring these characters to life and embrace the exploitation and physical sides of the roles.

“In this town, it’s hard to find that combination. We were incredibly fortunate.”

Besides Voth (“The Phone”), Jacobson retained the services of Erin Cummings (“Dollhouse”) and America Olivo (the Friday the 13th remake) to complete his trio of bad-to-the-bone females. He brought on stuntwoman Zoe Bell (Grindhouse) to teach the girls how to punch, kick and throw, and look gorgeous doing it.

“Zoe was one of the selling points for me,” Cummings said. “There’s no one better in the business. She made you go further.”

Bell said she was glad Jacobson cast women “who wouldn’t break easy.”

“I still don’t believe what we went through shooting in the Mojave Desert,” Bell said. “It looked like Afghanistan. Scorpions, spiders, dust everywhere. We all felt like real badasses.

Jacobson hopes Fox will deem Bitch Slap worthy of a Blu-ray Disc release someday, since the film was shot with an all-digital RED camera.

“That camera’s bulletproof,” he said. “We really hope they do Blu-ray. It would be a crime not to.”

The DVD includes two commentaries and a 90-minute making-of featurette.

“It’s not your normal behind-the-scenes featurette,” said producer Eric Gruendemann. “It’s a documentary and it’s got a real quirkiness to it. Really, you’re getting two movies for the price of one.”

Cummings said the featurette shows “how not glamorous” filmmaking is, and Olivo called it “just as interesting as the film.”

“I hardly recognized myself in it,” Olivo said. “It caught a lot of moments where we didn’t know we were being filmed.”


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