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Screenwriter Punches Out ‘Knockout’

15 Apr, 2011 By: Angelique Flores


Screenwriter Evan Jacobs has been a boxing fan since he was 14.

“I love the idea of one person being responsible for whether they win or lose,” he said.

He combined that passion with his screenwriting skills for the upcoming boxing drama Knockout.

Phase 4 Films releases the title April 26 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD at $29.99. Both versions contain a digital copy of the movie.

The family film stars former wrestler Steve Austin as a janitor and former boxer who takes on a student (Daniel Magder of “Life With Derek”) at the high school where he works. He trains the teen to not only become a boxer but also to face his bully.

Jacobs used the knowledge of boxing that he accrued throughout the years for the script. After switching schools when he was younger, he recalls not having any friends.

“But I always had boxing,” he said. “So if I had nobody to talk to at lunch, I could read my boxing magazines. If I had nothing to do on the weekends, I could watch boxing. It was those years that I really soaked up a lot of knowledge. I wanted to infuse that into the script so that no matter what changes were made, this would remain more than a cursory boxing story.”

Having Austin in the film, Jacobs said, gave it an edge because he has a tough guy image yet he plays a gentle character.

“I like that people are a bit confused by him being in the movie,” he said. “He is one of the biggest action stars in the world. Yet, amid all that he plays this Mr. Miyagi-like boxing trainer. He’s not kicking ass in this movie — but you know he can. … He might be known for tough-guy roles, but he is an actor. I am happy this movie gets to show that off a bit.”

Besides screenwriting, Jacobs also has a few animating credits to his name. He made his own animated feature 1985-1986 and animated some scenes for the documentary Warriors of the Discoteque, an upcoming film about the notorious Starck Club in Dallas, Texas.

Up next for Jacobs is the documentary Orange County Hardcore Scenester.

“It is a very personal look at the Orange County hardcore/punk scene from 1990-97,” he said.

He also has another animated horror film, Insect, and is working on several scripts with Nasser Entertainment, the producers of Knockout.

“They seem pretty happy with me. I am happy with them so it’s a good fit,” Jacobs said.

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