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'Ten Commandments' Makes Exodus to Blu-ray

12 Jan, 2011 By: John Latchem

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of Cecil B. DeMille’s Biblical epic The Ten Commandments, Paramount Home Entertainment has restored the film for its Blu-ray Disc debut.

A six-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo The Ten Commandments gift set ($59.99) will be released March 29 (order date Feb. 15). The set’s three Blu-ray discs will contain the film upgraded to 1080p with 5.1 DTS-HD master audio, spread across the first two discs. The third disc will contain the 1923 silent film version of The Ten Commandments.

Extras include commentary by Katherine Orrison, author of Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille’s Epic The Ten Commandments; newsreel footage of the film’s New York premiere; hand-tinted footage of the Red Sea sequence from the 1923 version; a 1923 photo gallery; and the 75-minute documentary The Ten Commandments: Making Miracles.

The DVD discs in the set do not include the 1923 version of the film or any of the extras pertaining to it.

The set also includes a commemorative booklet and comes in packaging shaped like the 10 Commandment tablets.

The Ten Commandments recounts the story of how Moses, played by Charlton Heston, led his people to escape slavery in Egypt for a new life.

A simpler two-disc Blu-ray ($24.99) and DVD ($14.99) version of the restored film also will be available, containing just the Orrison commentary and newsreel footage.

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