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Paramount’s ‘Ghost Team One’ Goes Digital Long Before Disc

11 Oct, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

'Ghost Team One'

LOS ANGELES — Ben Peyser, co-director of Paramount’s horror-comedy Ghost Team One, has more than one suggestion on how to watch the film after it hit theaters and digital Oct. 11.

“I would recommend, whether you’re watching it in a theater or at home, to watch it with friends … and we don’t recommend sobriety for this film,” said Peyser, who writes for Comedy Central’s “Workaholics.”

This found-footage horror send-up follows two guys who decide the best way to impress a beautiful girl — who isn’t exactly stable — is to make a documentary about a murder that took place in their home. However, what was supposed to be a lark turns sinister (and hilarious) when their fake ghost hunt starts turning real.

“Usually horror movies rely on stupid characters, ignoring the realities that the viewer sees,” said co-director Scott Rutherford (“Sucks Less With Kevin Smith”). “Why would you go up there?! That’s a terrible idea. We thought it would be funny if the characters in one of these movies were like us, and actually reacted honestly.”

But then they still need to give the characters a reason to do the stupid horror moves: “Enter the beautiful, hot, kind of crazy girl,” Rutherford said. “Even scared men will follow a beautiful, crazy woman.”

“In addition to being scared guys, we’re horny guys,” Peyser added. “The only thing as primal as being scared is being horny.”

Hence the target market for Paramount and Film Arcade: college students.

“It’s the perfect blending of the horror found-footage genre with a buddy movie,” said actor Carlos Santos (Sergio). “Throw in a little Project X and American Pie.”

For the initial release of Ghost Team One, Paramount is offering the film day-and-date via theatrical and digital, with no immediate disc street date announced.

“I think it’s genius because we are in select cities, and it opens it up to allow even more people to get excited and more aware [of the film],” Santos said of the release strategy. “VOD helps the momentum of a movie.”

“It can’t be in 5,000 theaters, but you still want everyone who can possibly see it to see it,” Rutherford added. “As filmmakers, it’s thrilling that it’s going to be in theaters, which is what you want for all your movies, but then it’s awesome that it can be everywhere.”

The eventual disc release will likely see behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes and bloopers, the directors said.


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