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Paramount Launches Streaming Platform for Awards Contenders

11 Oct, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

The streaming platform would supplant traditional DVD screeners for upcoming 2011-2012 awards season

Paramount Pictures Oct. 11 said it will bow a pilot program designed to offer streaming access to movies earmarked for the upcoming awards season.

The studio is partnering with Deluxe Entertainment Services to launch “for your consideration” video-on-demand streams of Rango, Super 8 and Like Crazy — titles Paramount has submitted to the Visual Effects Society. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the studio plans to submit all of its awards titles digitally as well.

Content can be played back on a variety of PC and Mac devices, including the iPad and iPad 2, as well as home entertainment systems with compatible HDMI cable connection.

While the concept of viewing theatrical nominees on DVD or Blu-ray Disc and now streaming has rankled traditionalists for years, Paramount said the new VOD platform provides an additional method to screen films in a secure and timely manner.

“We … are hopeful that this will be a quality experience allowing us to offer more opportunities for our filmmaker partners to reach appreciative viewers,” said Megan Colligan, president of domestic marketing and distribution with Paramount.

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