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‘Dexter’ Cast, Showtime Prep for Season 5 DVD

10 Aug, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Edward James Olmos and guest Gabriela Acevedo arrive at a Hollywood poolside party Aug. 9 celebrating 'Dexter' Season 5.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — At an Aug. 9 party to mark the Aug. 16 DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of “Dexter: The Fifth Season,” actor David Zayas (Sgt. Angel Batista) looked over at the nearby pool, where a young man was paid to just lie in the pool, looking like a murder victim.

“There’s a dead body in the pool!” Zayas said to a reporter covering the event. “Careful, you could be next!”

Anyone who’s watched the first four seasons of “Dexter” knows anyone could be next, with the supporting cast of America’s favorite serial killer subject to a high turnover rate every year. The high body count is what helps make “Dexter” one of the best shows on television.

Showtime, distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, guarantees fans of the show will be just as impressed with season five.

“It’s one of the most unique shows on television,” said David Bowers, VP of marketing for Showtime Networks, adding that Showtime moves more than a million “Dexter” home video units each year. “The fans keep coming back every year.”

Actor C.S. Lee (Vince Masuka) said the writing deserves the credit for taking the series this far, and he believes the show could carry on “another 10 years,” assuming Dexter isn’t caught chopping up one of his many victims.

“It’s the darkest show on television,” said actor Edward James Olmos, who joins the cast in season six. “When you see it, you better know what you’re looking at.”

As for what “Dexter” fans can expect for season six (premiering on Showtime Oct. 2), especially with Olmos joining the cast, Lee put it simply: “A lot more trouble.”

For this fifth “Dexter” disc offering the DVD ($54.99) and Blu-ray ($64.99), bonuses include cast interviews, a one-on-one with Dexter’s new partner in crime, actress Julia Stiles, and episodes of “Californication,” “The Borgias,” and “Episodes.”

“These discs are a great vehicle for our other properties,” Bowers said.

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