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Mulligan (DVD Review)

8 Mar, 2009 By: John Latchem


Prebook 3/10/09; Street 4/14/09
$19.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Steve Lattery, Joshua Will, Cedric Yarbrough, Trei Michaels, Bill Borea, Alex Cole, Allison Kending, Mikki Daniels, Eve Overland.

This 2000 film is being promoted as Caddyshack meets Clerks.

Now, there is a tendency to compare any movie with golf to Caddyshack. However, Mulligan really isn’t about golf. It’s about four friends playing golf, and using the experience to reflect on where their lives went wrong. As expected from a movie with the title Mulligan, they are hoping for a do-over.

The group includes Jordan (Steve Lattery), a would-be writer; Davis (Trei Michaels), a used-car dealer who has sold too many lemons to the wrong people; King (Cedric Yarbrough of “Reno 911!”), a recently discharged Marine who has found God; and Langer (Joshua Will), who can’t hold a job for more than a week and just broke up with his girlfriend because she was smothering him (one of the subplots involves her trying to track him down to make amends).

There’s also a tendency to reference Clerks when discussing any indie involving friends making wisecracks about random people. The shoe fits, so to speak. But if we’re throwing out comparisons to movies with similar themes (in this case, the creative process), let’s add Chasing Amy, Swingers, Sideways and Free Enterprise to the list.

Movies like this usually use cutaway flashbacks to cover what would be a boring linear narrative, or pop-culture references to endear us to the characters. Mulligan does both, adding some “Family Guy” style parodies for good measure.

The only way such a film works is if we find ourselves caring about at least some of these people, and we do. A few moments of annoyance aside, Mulligan is a solid effort that hits the right buddy-comedy notes.

Extras on the DVD include a few deleted scenes, an alternate ending and profiles of the characters.

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