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Lost Dream (DVD Review)

By : Angelique Flores | Posted: 20 Feb 2010

Prebook 2/24/10; Street 3/23/10
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Michael Welch, Shaun Sipos, Sarah Foret, Aisha Hinds, Leonard Wu, Patricia Richardson, Katie Stuart.

Perry and Gio are polar opposites with one thing in common: The two college age young men are angry and depressed over their respective families and upbringing.

Perry (Michael Welch of the “Twilight” films) is the son of a corrupt politician, with a bright future ahead of him and his beautiful high-school sweetheart ready for marriage. He struggles with having to appear perfect all the time because of the spotlight placed on him as a result if his father’s career. While questioning his path, his father and his girlfriend, he also questions his principles, society and American law.

Meanwhile, Gio (Shaun Sipos) was kicked out of his home at age 10. His father was a drug addict and his grandfather had no patience or tolerance for young Gio when he acted out. A talented artist, he whiles away his spare time with destructive behavior, using drugs and sex to numb his pain.

The two cross paths at a rave and end up in an unlikely friendship, which includes drugs, a freshman co-ed and Russian roulette. As the two continually face off in an I’m-more-tortured-than-you battle, I couldn’t help but hope the roulette bullet would put an end to the whining.

Though the actors themselves were great, it is difficult to sympathize with Perry, who has had every privilege handed to him. And while it was easier to sympathize with Gio, he too came off as just another brooding artist who prefers wallowing in his misery to keep up his tortured soul facade.

This film will appeal to young people who feel nobody understands.


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