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ZVUE Movie Download Service Adds 1,000 Indie Films

27 Jul, 2005 By: HM Editorial Staff

HandHeld Entertainment, a maker of affordable portable media players, has added nearly 1,000 independent films to its ZVUE movie download service through a licensing agreement with Undergroundfilm.org.

The announcement falls in line with HandHeld's plans to launch a full-scale media download service listing audio and video titles that play on its ZVUE portable digital media player.

ZVUE allows users to download films and music from www.zvue.com/downloads into a device that's the size of a pack of playing cards. The portable device plays full-color videos and MP3 music.

“The ZVUE can play any one of Undergroundfilm's numerous movies, whether it's a one-minute clip or a full-length feature film,” said Alexander Cohen, director of Undergroundfilm.

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