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YouTube Ordered to Share Data

7 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

The federal judge overseeing Viacom's $1 billion copyright lawsuit against Google-owned YouTube has delivered a victory to the plaintiff, ordering YouTube to share data about who watches which video clips and when.

The information will not be made public, but rather will be used by Viacom and other copyright holders to determine whether user generated videos or copyrighted videos are generating more views. YouTube users would not have their e-mails shared, The Associated Press reported.

Lawyers for Google had argued that generating the data would be threatening to their customers' privacy.

“We are asking Viacom to respect users' privacy and allow us to anonymize the loge before producing them under the court's order,” a statement from Google read.Viacom, which owns Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central and MTV, told the AP the data “will be handled subject to a court protective order and in a highly confidential manner.”

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