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Young Boomers Consume Most Video Media

26 Mar, 2009 By: John Latchem

A new study on consumer video habits shows younger baby boomers watch the most video media and also affirms live television as the dominant viewing choice.

The $3.5 million Video Consumer Mapping study, conducted on behalf of the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and Sequent Partners, showed young boomers, ages 45-54, spend an average of 9.5 hours per day in front of video screens, while other age groups averaged 8.5 hours.

Live television amounted for 59% of the consumer’s daily video choice, with DVR adding 2.7%. The data belies the notion that consumers are turning online to watch episodes of their favorite shows. Adults 18 and older average only about two minutes (0.5%) a day watching online video, though 8.1% of total screen time takes place in front of a computer.

DVD viewing amounts to about 4.4% of consumer viewing habits, according to the study. Viewers 25-34 lead the way, averaging 35.4 minutes per day in DVD viewing, followed by the 18-24 crowd, with 34 minutes, and viewers 35-44, with 27.4.

Consumers in the 18-24 group are also the most avid gamers, devoting 4.9% of their screen time to video games.

Viewers 65 and older watch more live television but are less inclined to use DVDs, a DVR or computers, the study confirmed.

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