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The X-Files ‘Mythology' Is Out There

4 Apr, 2005 By: Brendan Howard

Millions of people watched “The X-Files” when it aired on TV, but the $99 price tag on the complete-season DVD sets (or the pricier multiseason packs) is a little high for some, and others never quite understood the plot's complicated conspiracy.

Boy, has 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment got a product for them.

The X-Files Mythology: Abduction streets June 7 (prebook April 20) at $39.98. The 16-episode set features episodes known as “Mythology,” those that deal with the major conspiracy story arc that ran through all nine seasons. Creator Chris Carter will provide one part of a new “Threads of the Mythology” documentary in each set, and there are select episode commentaries.

“At the height of the show's popularity, it had like a gazillion regular viewers. We certainly haven't sold a gazillion DVDs yet,” said Steve Feldstein, SVP of marketing communications, Fox. “This may be a way for people to enter the game.“The X-Files is a unique property. It's not like you could do this with any TV series.”

Feldstein said “The X-Files” has been a consistent moneymaker for Fox, with VHS best-of titles becoming one of the first prime-time hit shows on DVD when the extras-packed first-season set hit in 2000.

“It really was the beginning to the multibillion-dollar [TV DVD] enterprise,” he said. “It many ways, [the ‘X-Files' sets] remain the gold standard: comprehensive discs flooded with extras.”

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