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WWF Stickers DVDs 'PS2 Compatible'

11 Apr, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

World Wrestling Federation Home Video's DVDs are sporting a nifty neon-green sticker that reads, “PlayStation 2 Compatible DVD.”

It's kind of a moot point, as all DVDs can be played on Sony's PlayStation 2 platform, agreed Joel Satin, director of home video for the World Wrestling Federation, but the company is looking for that little push to make its video product stand out to gamers.

“The gamer demographic audience is really right in line with our core WWF audience,” Satin said.

WWF Home Video began the promotional stickering on DVD product in January, and it will probably continue until another DVD-compatible gaming platform comes out, Satin said. Microsoft's Xbox also has DVD functionality, but gamers must buy a separate hardware add-on to view DVDs through the system.

“Since we've had such great success in the video game business lately, why not take advantage of those fans, to get them to try our DVD product?” Satin said.

Satin said the WWF views PlayStation as the gaming leader, and he thinks the multimedia aspects of the PlayStation 2 will be a big plus to the WWF's home video audience and DVD viewership in general.

“That's the platform we've aligned ourselves with,” he said. “We're talking about a platform that you can get for $300 that plays the video games and DVDs. I think more and more people are going to start deciding, ‘Why not get it all for $300 bucks?’

The WWF isn't the only supplier to employ this tactic. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment beginning in late 2000 and Universal Studios Home Video last year put similar stickers on titles as a marketing ploy to target the gamer demographic.

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