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WWE Debuts New Logo

6 May, 2002 By: Hive News

World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, which has been slowly morphing its logo after a British Court ruled the “WWF” abbreviation and logos violated the World Wildlife Federation's trademark rights, today announced it is changing its name to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

The company, which will operate as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), will debut the new logo tonight on “Raw” and its Web site will move to WWE.com.

"Our new name puts the emphasis on the ‘E' for entertainment, what our company does best. WWE provides us with a global identity that is distinct and unencumbered, which is critical to our U.S. and international growth plans," said Linda McMahon, CEO of WWE. "World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE will now be the identity that we use from the television base we have established in 130 countries. As WWE, we will launch our further expanded U.S. and international touring, our international expansion of branded merchandise and licensed products and our further integration into the film, publishing and music businesses."

The successful development of the "Tough Enough" television series on MTV, a new book deal with Simon and Schuster, and the hit motion picture, The Scorpion King, executive produced by WWE chairman Vince McMahon and WWE, are examples of the types of activities the company plans to undertake as it expand its horizons in the global entertainment industry.

New logo art has been provided to business partners, licensees and vendors. The company expects that, for the most part, the changeover to the new name and logo will be completed within five months.

The change has been gradual. Over the last two months the two W's have been nestling ever closer together, so that one disappeared almost entirely into the other. Meanwhile, the ‘F' has been less and less prominent.

WWE will continue to trade as WWF on the New York Stock Exchange until a suitable replacement symbol is found. The company will be providing the appropriate documentation and filings with regulators to solicit shareholder approval of the name change.

In conjunction with the name change, WWE announced it has changed the name of its entertainment complex in New York City's Times Square from WWF New York to The World, the name of its popular night club.

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