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World War II Tanks With Iraqi War on the Way

20 Dec, 2002 By: Brendan Howard

If sniping and machine-gunning in World War II video games just aren't enough for your customers, now could be the time to turn them onto tons and tons of authentically destructive rolling thunder.

iEntertainment Network first full-price video game simulation, Armored Assault, represents the company's first entry into the estimated $9 billion retail games market. Its follow-up in the combat simulation genre, Iraqi Attack, is expected to be demoed at E3 in 2003.

Armored Assault: Ground Battle of World War II brings famous heavy armor of the WWII era into a 3-D world full of terrain based on real-world 10-meter satellite data of the Belgian front. New technology in the game lets 64 players fight within viewing range of one another in online arenas that can contain up to 400 players at a time.

The game comes with 21 missions players can play by themselves offline and has training missions to teach players how to operate the vehicles, including aircraft, tanks and other ground vehicles.

"We are excited to be back in the simulation games retail space," said CEO J.W. Stealey in a statement. "M1 Tank Platoon, one of our most successful titles, sold more than 400,000 copies. I think Armored Assault is the technological evolution of M1 and provides exciting online simulated combat game play for thousands of players worldwide."

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